@Linux4Everyone Linux+Coffee #1 [about PopOS subscription] @0:20:20 «however devs are being paid [...] the hardware side, that where their income derives from»

it depends of the sales, how much do we know about their finances?
It's also great to have a way to funding Pop!_OS for non hardware buyers. Which should easily become (or are) the majority of Pop!_OS users. The saner business models are the most direct ones. The software having a direct funding way independent of the hardware is great.


@Linux4Everyone @0:22:05 «in a similar way to what canonical does with support system [...] completely separated»

@Schykle : actually Ubuntu asks for funding when downloading the desktop OS: ubuntu.com/download/desktop

The page that starts the download is a funding page also. Which is great. As much as it can be reproached to Canonical to bundle an Amazon ad in Ubuntu. It's been a long time they are asking for direct funding and that can't be reproached to them to not trying.

@Linux4Everyone @Schykle . Canonical did their part and now the users should also follow suit to have saner business models.

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