@Linux4Everyone Are you sure KDE Neon is comparable in terms of RAM to Kubuntu and Xubuntu? Are the significant changes made by the KDE Neon team only to have a more up to date version of KDE? No change in started services?


@Linux4Everyone I'm setting up openSUSE Tumbleweed in 2 VMs to do KDE vs XFCE.
I could also try Manjaro.
Does anyone know another distro quick to install which has KDE Plasma 5.17(released 10 days ago) and XFCE?

@Linux4Everyone Meanwhile, here are some comparisons about UIs RAM usage on Debian 10.1 Live in VirtualBox:

On the desktop after booting the live and with only a terminal opened:
- Mate: 369 MiB
- LXQt: 375 MiB
- XFCE: 403 MiB
- KDE: 497 MiB
- Cinnamon: 630 MiB
- Gnome: 650 MiB
- LXDE: 675 MiB (that's suspiciously a lot)

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