@gbryant Hi :) Thanks for this video: invidio.us/sYFRWjBT7Og

Comment: @6:38 Actually a lot of people are paid and that's a good thing because doing non-libre software during the day and doing libre software only at night is sad. So the advance de professionalization is great.
For example, most of the work on the kernel is on payroll: thenewstack.io/contributes-lin


@gbryant Mozilla mainly works Firefox but not only but still has 1000+ employees and a 560 millions USD revenue.

VLC core devs have a company where they sell service around VLC (integration, implementation of a new codec) which is profitable enough to give them time to work on VLC (I couldn't find a written source, don't hesitate to ask if you want more details)

LibreOffice: same as the kernel (couldn't find a better source) i-programmer.info/news/136-ope

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