@Linux4Everyone @Schykle . Canonical did their part and now the users should also follow suit to have saner business models.

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@Linux4Everyone @0:22:05 «in a similar way to what canonical does with support system [...] completely separated»

@Schykle : actually Ubuntu asks for funding when downloading the desktop OS: ubuntu.com/download/desktop

The page that starts the download is a funding page also. Which is great. As much as it can be reproached to Canonical to bundle an Amazon ad in Ubuntu. It's been a long time they are asking for direct funding and that can't be reproached to them to not trying.

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@Linux4Everyone Even if it's not a lot of income it helps with the culture of funding our software even if it's not mandatory. Now the ball in the user's camp.

«should they be doing this»

So yes, absolutely :)

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@Linux4Everyone Linux+Coffee #1 [about PopOS subscription] @0:20:20 «however devs are being paid [...] the hardware side, that where their income derives from»

it depends of the sales, how much do we know about their finances?
It's also great to have a way to funding Pop!_OS for non hardware buyers. Which should easily become (or are) the majority of Pop!_OS users. The saner business models are the most direct ones. The software having a direct funding way independent of the hardware is great.

EP34(Fedora+Lenovo)@51:20 «[about Elementary] trying to generate a profit for the developers wrong on the apps»

More like income. It's important because it's how paying for libre software will become more natural and accepted. It's not for profit like for owners of a company. The way is long to make the idea of making money (as in making a living) from making libre software won't be seen as bad.

@johannes Eĉ se CC BY-SA estus malpermesita, se iu alŝutis al YouTube, tio ne estus ŝanĝi la permesilon (krom se skribita). Sed estus malobeo de la kondiĉoj de YouTube do viaj rajto estus tamen respektitaj.

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@FDN C'est quoi le moyen de contact qui vous arrange pour signaler des problèmes techniques sur votre instance invidious? invidious.fdn.fr/

@gee Je suis totalement fan du
🎶Oh bah ça alors🎶
Ça peut servir tellement tellement souvent!!! T_T
À partir de maintenant dans ma tête au moins je vais le ressortir!

Contexte: lecture de:

@johannes [2/2]

- elekti mane la partojn kun nur minutojn por havi la sumon. Same pri horoj.

- poste konverti kaj sumi

- `units "3022 min + 2172 min + 119 hr" hms`

«205 hr + 34 min» 🥳🥳🥳

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@johannes Mi ne trovis konton de kern.punkto aŭ de Eva, tial mi sendas nur al vi.

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@johannes Fonto:

- iri ĉe kern.punkto.info/arkivo/

- ctrl-a

- alglui en txt dosiero

- filtri la liniojn kiujn havas la daŭrojn per
`egrep "📅.*minuto|📅.*horo" kern.punko.txt >! kern.punko.csv`

- malfermi per LibreOffice calc kaj elekti "spaceton" kiel apartigilo

- ordigi ĉion per la kolumno kiu havas la nombron de horojn por apartigi daŭrojn 1h < kaj >1h


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@johannes Gratulojn!
kern.punkto daŭras 205 horojn kaj 34 min

@mvtcolibris Est-ce que votre email de contact c'est toujours contact@colibris-lemouvement.org ?

@Linux4Everyone Meanwhile, here are some comparisons about UIs RAM usage on Debian 10.1 Live in VirtualBox:

On the desktop after booting the live and with only a terminal opened:
- Mate: 369 MiB
- LXQt: 375 MiB
- XFCE: 403 MiB
- KDE: 497 MiB
- Cinnamon: 630 MiB
- Gnome: 650 MiB
- LXDE: 675 MiB (that's suspiciously a lot)

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@Linux4Everyone I'm setting up openSUSE Tumbleweed in 2 VMs to do KDE vs XFCE.
I could also try Manjaro.
Does anyone know another distro quick to install which has KDE Plasma 5.17(released 10 days ago) and XFCE?

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@Linux4Everyone Are you sure KDE Neon is comparable in terms of RAM to Kubuntu and Xubuntu? Are the significant changes made by the KDE Neon team only to have a more up to date version of KDE? No change in started services?

@JoshStrobl Thanks for the new blog post, these are great new to begin the week :)
I'm eager to install Solus to a relative and to a friend.

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Thanks @JoshStrobl for acknowledging that accented letters shouldn't be sorted after "normal" characters.
I'm [1] very happy to see the following issues fixed 😀

[1] and also users from most EU (including Finland), LATAM and part of African countries

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