@mvtcolibris Est-ce que votre email de contact c'est toujours contact@colibris-lemouvement.org ?

@Linux4Everyone Meanwhile, here are some comparisons about UIs RAM usage on Debian 10.1 Live in VirtualBox:

On the desktop after booting the live and with only a terminal opened:
- Mate: 369 MiB
- LXQt: 375 MiB
- XFCE: 403 MiB
- KDE: 497 MiB
- Cinnamon: 630 MiB
- Gnome: 650 MiB
- LXDE: 675 MiB (that's suspiciously a lot)

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@Linux4Everyone I'm setting up openSUSE Tumbleweed in 2 VMs to do KDE vs XFCE.
I could also try Manjaro.
Does anyone know another distro quick to install which has KDE Plasma 5.17(released 10 days ago) and XFCE?

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@Linux4Everyone Are you sure KDE Neon is comparable in terms of RAM to Kubuntu and Xubuntu? Are the significant changes made by the KDE Neon team only to have a more up to date version of KDE? No change in started services?

@JoshStrobl Thanks for the new blog post, these are great new to begin the week :)
I'm eager to install Solus to a relative and to a friend.

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Thanks @JoshStrobl for acknowledging that accented letters shouldn't be sorted after "normal" characters.
I'm [1] very happy to see the following issues fixed 😀

[1] and also users from most EU (including Finland), LATAM and part of African countries

@admin@tedomum.net Instance PeerTube down pour commencer le lundi de bonne humeur ^^"

@elementary @Linux4Everyone
About not having to reinstall every few years, this is the good case. Worse is ending with an unmaintained distro, and after a while having unsupported packages (highest impact will be the browser)
And even in the good scenario, before the end of the support period, the software can get quite old. (i.e. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)

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@elementary @Linux4Everyone
But I know whether making a rolling release distro or an upgradable one in a reliable way for the general public is a massive technical challenge.
I'm still searching for my two local LUGs such distros to someday avoid giving the users an OS with a literally planned obsolescence.

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@elementary Hi, :) the interview in episode 7 of @Linux4Everyone is sparking my interest about Elementary.
Will there be a way to upgrade from version 5 to the next major version that will be based on Ubuntu 20.04?
Because not having to reinstall every 2, 3 or 4 years is something very valuable for the user experience. And the accessibility of the OS to people without the technical level and involvement to do such operations.

@Linux4Everyone Ho, you are also on Mastodon! :D
I love your podcast and hoped that someday you will also be reachable by a libre social network. Thanks setting that up :)

@gbryant Mozilla mainly works Firefox but not only but still has 1000+ employees and a 560 millions USD revenue.

VLC core devs have a company where they sell service around VLC (integration, implementation of a new codec) which is profitable enough to give them time to work on VLC (I couldn't find a written source, don't hesitate to ask if you want more details)

LibreOffice: same as the kernel (couldn't find a better source) i-programmer.info/news/136-ope

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@gbryant Hi :) Thanks for this video: invidio.us/sYFRWjBT7Og

Comment: @6:38 Actually a lot of people are paid and that's a good thing because doing non-libre software during the day and doing libre software only at night is sad. So the advance de professionalization is great.
For example, most of the work on the kernel is on payroll: thenewstack.io/contributes-lin

@filipo ĉu la financado de tiu ĉi Mastodon instanco enordas? Mi memoras ke mi donacis al vi pere de @Liberapay
sed mi ne plu retrovas ĝin. Kaj mi zorgas pri certigi ke mi kontribuas al tiu ĉi instanco ^^

@JoshStrobl And because I love Solus and I have high hopes and would like to contribute to it's sustainability.

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@JoshStrobl Hi :) Since @SolusProject isn't ready to receive funding as a project, would you be willing to do so as an individual? I think it's very important that users could pay for their libre software so people that want this to be their job could. Or at least part time job. Because ethical software built unpaid doesn't look so ethical about work conditions ^^"

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GitHub a ajouté Liberapay aux plateformes de financement supportées dans le fichier `FUNDING.yml` : github.blog/changelog/2019-06-

Hi, will your PeerTube instance be maintained? Or should I migrate my videos?

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Bonvenon! Malferme al ĉiaj kaj ĉiuj respektemaj esperantistoj.