@pixelfed Both of the installation links on the Pixelfed.org site are broken

@sir is the code that powers your donate page public?

Side note: currently a neomutt user and aerc looks pretty tempting. Can't wait to have more time to play with it.

@dansup any chance there will be a Digital Ocean droplet of the next Pixelfed release? I noted you're using DO and that would make things very simple for those of us who just want to set up an instance without worrying about setting up a pile of little things.

@pixelfed totally not trying to pressure you: is there an ETA on v 0.8? I as because of the mentions of 0.9. I'm planning on installing once 0.8 is out

@pixelfed how come pixelfed.org isn't pointing to the same content as .social ?

Mi bezonas fari "fekmezurilo" ("fuck" ne 💩) Trans la tago ĝi demandas al vi kiom da fekoj vi havas por doni. Ĝi farus grafeon(?) de fekoj trans tempo.


This is an Esperanto-speaking instance, so it goes without saying that users are expected to toot in Esperanto. There are a million other instances to create your account if you intend to toot in English or any other language.