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COVID-19 is exposing a lot of truths.
The free market is useless in any kind of crisis. It is barely functional in terms of mobilising labour and resources in the best conditions, it is flat out useless when things are tough - and things are going to get tough as the climate worsens and the oil runs out.
It turns out that the people paid the least in society are the most important, and many highly regarded jobs just aren't all that important.

For everyone who has a account or is interested in it, the 20th of March a fork will happen, forking out Steemit Inc. at It should deal with basically all problems that are dealt with now and all criticism that people had about Steemit so far. I highly recommend staying tuned about this, it's a huge step in decentralized social media.

“It should be noted that no ethically-trained software engineer would ever consent to write a DestroyBaghdad procedure. Basic professional ethics would instead require him to write a DestroyCity procedure, to which Baghdad could be given as a parameter.” — Nathaniel Borenstein, 1992

@MartinShadok nun plene enrete, mi ĵus memoris vin pro la "heviti", ĝi parolas pri la h-problemo se oni havas la francan kiel gepatran lingvon...

Venu elprovi aŭ pli bone, starigu vian propran WriteFreely-servilon kaj komencu uzi ĝin kun mia Esperanta traduko, eble aldonante tradukojn kie mi ankoraŭ ne tradukis/forgesis partojn...

Por ĉiuj ĉi tie kiuj parolas Esperanton kaj ŝatus kunlabori pri pli bonaj ebloj por la estonteco de interkontaktiĝo por Esperantistoj, mi ŝatus se vi legos kaj donos al mi viajn pripensojn.

Since a long time logging in again on my Mastodon spot. I am playing with some other technology, and it looks like a truly P2P social network is actually there, although in its infancy. PM me if you are interested in P2P rather than federation and/or server independent profiles.

My latest trip made me realize that I am more trans that I thought I was. I updated my profile to pangender. Please use any pronounce you are happy about using with me. I am perfectly happy with the genders people assign to me and I am perfectly happy with my body, there is no mismatch at play.

@mew sorry, just have to say to you how cool your Temmie userpic is. can't help.

Free Software is dead, long live the Software that Sets us Free.

My Name is Context, my Religion is Pure Love for Yourself, others and God, and my World is the Multi-Faceted Truth

Cool comic by Ryan Estrada, one of my favorite comic artists, about the complexity of gender identity, identity in general and diversity.

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Bonvenon! Malferme al ĉiaj kaj ĉiuj respektemaj esperantistoj.