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Can some of you check and send me a screenshot? I seem to have a cache problem and I want to know if it's just local cache now or Cloudflare cache.

@kittybecca I just looked up the ipfs wikipedia article with @RobinvanderVliet (the one using the relay through port 443 with me in the museum) and found out it's mostly written by you... By the way, one of the ipfs links on your website seems to be dead, and the alternative link doesn't seem to resolve to the same thing so I cannot pin and replace it...

We are in a museum and the local network blocks all outgoing ports except 80 and 443. As all the ssl I use is via the gateway, I decided to open up the 443 gate on my VPS as an extra ipfs api port. Now his ipfs works here. If you need too, add as a bootstrap:

ipfs bootstrap add /ip4/

Maybe check which firefox version you are now running and which should be the latest one? I suppose your Fedora is not a rolling release, right?

@xeno didn't know you were interested in ipfs too :D maybe we should work together on something...

Boss makes a dollar
I make a dime
That was a poem
From a simpler time

Boss makes three dollars
The economy's lit
I make a penny
And I haven't got shit

mi ĵus komencis sekvi @moosader

Donu iom da subteno al tiuj mojoseguloj!

Bahá'í (religion) song / holy writings 

We should petition to publish pages automatically on , with a dnslink reference (because the CNAME will also pick that up if you use your own domain).

"SJW" / Polarization / Bahá'í (Religion) 

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"SJW" / Polarization / Bahá'í (Religion) 

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"SJW" / Polarization / Bahá'í (Religion) 

We finally found a common understanding... humiliating experience :) but good for me, too :)

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Twitter discussion completely explodes (sorry, I got very passionate...) about what we can call an emoji. Some people are very adamant that only the Unicode standard can define what an Emoji is. What do you think?

idea: we need a Wordpress-like CMS that creates static websites on ipfs. Hugo is absolutely wonderful, but if the static internet becomes the norm, we will also need much more user-friendly tools.

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, and so I'd like to expresss appreciation

To Sci-Hub, Library Genesis,, and the other services which allow me to access information, current and old, much of it not otherwise available, and which would cost me years of income.

I literally could not research or write as I have without this.

Please support these organisations and efforts if you can. This benefits me directly through their capabilities, archives, and availability....

Saluton, samideanoj! faras novan kanton. Ĝi temas pri amo.
Por ĝi, ni ŝatus havi filmeton de paro, kiu kisas. Estus ege bela, se estas GLAT-a paro de la Esperanta komunumo.
Parolu kun mi!

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Bonvenon! Malferme al ĉiaj kaj ĉiuj respektemaj esperantistoj.