@monorail seemingly later on Garfield was decided male though... doesn't mean he cannot be demiguy NB xD

@musicmatze Hits Per Minute? In English I have seen CPM (characters per minute) and WPM (words per minute, divide CPM by 5)

POV of the other side 

@kittybecca Everett (@Ev) Bogue here is the creator of Bogbook. He used to go almost fully off-grid and created a movement about minimalism in those days. Of course as anybody we learn and look back to some of these things as naive or not relevant any more, but still those things form who we are and what we do, and I am really glad about what is being created out of that. He seems to be quite aware and sweet about things, fingers crossed.

@kittybecca As much as I understand it from Everett, HTTPS data can be misused to identify users for cookie-like purposes (he refered to supercookies) leading to targetted removal from discourse (e.g. Facebook shadow banning, which they seemingly patented...).
Shadow banning is incredibly effective and can be/is used for good (removing hate and triggers), but when all you have is commercial owned platforms, shadow banning is used in practice to decide in which bubble we live.

@kittybecca And you can also just download the code (his git or my git) and run it locally. It's MUCH smoother than getting anything of SSB working xD

@kittybecca it intentionally doesn't, but the code is simple enough that I got it working without much effort on interskri.be with ssl on, including an ssl proxy for the bogbook.com websocket. Keep in mind that traffic between my server and bogbook.com is still unencrypted of course.

@kittybecca To be specific, the bug enabled people to snoop on private messages and this went unacknowledged. bogbook doesn't have any private messaging yet, so encryption is kinda less of an issue for now...

@kittybecca The dev of bogbook used to work on SSB but left the project when they went silent on a privacy breaking bug. Much tech in interskri.be / bogbook.com is SSB-inspired, but it's specifically not SSB, and it's web first, so you don't need a client.

Por ĉiuj ĉi tie kiuj parolas Esperanton kaj ŝatus kunlabori pri pli bonaj ebloj por la estonteco de interkontaktiĝo por Esperantistoj, mi ŝatus se vi legos mallonge.net/interskribe kaj donos al mi viajn pripensojn.

Since a long time logging in again on my Mastodon spot. I am playing with some other technology, and it looks like a truly P2P social network is actually there, although in its infancy. PM me if you are interested in P2P rather than federation and/or server independent profiles.

@freakazoid @tuxicoman @micahflee 2. mainstream crypto is US government grown, and there are unverifiable by the nature of the problem suspicions that they might have built in a one-way backdoor in the crypto by choosing the default parameters (e.g. in the case of Bitcoin using non-standard parameters I think that might be a reason) in use by everyone. This means that with non-diverse crypto, a problem means that everybody is spied on instead of a part. [2/2]

@freakazoid @tuxicoman @micahflee the home grown crypto is made for easy usability (it's much easier on phone hardware) and if it breaks down some time, it can easily be replaced. The problem with well-audited generally known crypto is twofold: 1. if one thing breaks, everything breaks. You want diversity to be able to switch to something not broken yet if something breaks down all of a sudden. [1/2]

@micahflee @tuxicoman @freakazoid true, the same friend of mine that explained the closed source thing told that too.

@Tjeri ekzistas fungoj kiuj manĝas plastaĵojn. ili ne estas tiel teruraj kiel vi imagas, sed nun ni bezonas ektimi pri ili por ke ni ĉesu la venenon de konsumismo kaj materiismo.

My latest trip made me realize that I am more trans that I thought I was. I updated my profile to pangender. Please use any pronounce you are happy about using with me. I am perfectly happy with the genders people assign to me and I am perfectly happy with my body, there is no mismatch at play.

@bob @micahflee @tuxicoman SSB has a kinda in-between approach for private messages. it hides metadata better than the signal plan and it provides less load than bitmessage because it uses network proximity. it is expected in the network that some messages won't reach their destination. bitmessage has better reliability if you don't have an existing social network you can route the private message through. Telegram makes the right trade-offs for a server oriented system.

@freakazoid @tuxicoman @micahflee I don't invest in any ICO. I trust Telegram because it keeps my dear friends in oppressive regions safe.

@micahflee @tuxicoman encrypting metadata is good... the point is that good security makes you not stand out. using those features might make you a target, and figuring out who uses those features is still basically possible.

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