@solenepercent @solene funny that I see you blog about this -- I just recently switched my shell to fish too.

@dragfyre @karokann Yeah exactly, this is a very fine line and you should balance it within reason -- even about the following the laws of the country we should not be dogmatic, because doing so could lead to harm to people too... I just explained to a friend today how religious laws are meant to learn to understand reality as good as possible, not to change complex reality to a religious simplification.


Want to talk with people around you? You can use geographical hashtags! You can use whenwhere.cf to find yours and to read messages close to you.

To be fair, I am not in favor of forcing people to give their exact location on a website (although mine is completely static and doesn't save your info in any way) so I would really like it if someone can make a better tool to find your and someone else's local tag.

Also, I would love it if you build this in apps.

COVID-19 is exposing a lot of truths.
The free market is useless in any kind of crisis. It is barely functional in terms of mobilising labour and resources in the best conditions, it is flat out useless when things are tough - and things are going to get tough as the climate worsens and the oil runs out.
It turns out that the people paid the least in society are the most important, and many highly regarded jobs just aren't all that important.

For everyone who has a account or is interested in it, the 20th of March a fork will happen, forking out Steemit Inc. at hive.io. It should deal with basically all problems that are dealt with now and all criticism that people had about Steemit so far. I highly recommend staying tuned about this, it's a huge step in decentralized social media.

@AnarchoCoward gen Z already calls themselves Zoomers, so I think we will stick to the cool names. Maybe with the virus we will have a new actual baby boom generation...

“It should be noted that no ethically-trained software engineer would ever consent to write a DestroyBaghdad procedure. Basic professional ethics would instead require him to write a DestroyCity procedure, to which Baghdad could be given as a parameter.” — Nathaniel Borenstein, 1992

@MartinShadok youtube.com/watch?v=Pae2AMnmUV nun plene enrete, mi ĵus memoris vin pro la "heviti", ĝi parolas pri la h-problemo se oni havas la francan kiel gepatran lingvon...

@musicmatze gitea is nice. I have my own instance at git.kiefte.eu -- no public registrations but if you want I can make you an account.

@kittybecca@masto.jews.international I think they do... which is even more horrible. There is a part of society that is both "christian" and harmfully darwinist...

@radicalrobit @kittybecca@masto.jews.international and when the rich are touched, they suddenly can influence it...

@pepijndevos voor SSB maar dan simpeler en je hebt er net iets meer aan, maar bijna geen mensen xD, check bogbook.

@Absolutely_Blakely@radical.town US 3rd world country fact 🙃

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