Since a long time logging in again on my Mastodon spot. I am playing with some other technology, and it looks like a truly P2P social network is actually there, although in its infancy. PM me if you are interested in P2P rather than federation and/or server independent profiles.

@lapingvino Secure Scuttlebutt? i was using that but then my client kept crashing on me.

@kittybecca The dev of bogbook used to work on SSB but left the project when they went silent on a privacy breaking bug. Much tech in / is SSB-inspired, but it's specifically not SSB, and it's web first, so you don't need a client.

@lapingvino looks like doesn't have an SSL certificate? or at least HTTPS isn't working for me there


@kittybecca it intentionally doesn't, but the code is simple enough that I got it working without much effort on with ssl on, including an ssl proxy for the websocket. Keep in mind that traffic between my server and is still unencrypted of course.

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