@kittybecca I just looked up the ipfs wikipedia article with @RobinvanderVliet (the one using the relay through port 443 with me in the museum) and found out it's mostly written by you... By the way, one of the ipfs links on your website seems to be dead, and the alternative link doesn't seem to resolve to the same thing so I cannot pin and replace it...

@lapingvino Computer sharing the files is off atm, will turn it back on when I return to the states on Monday.

@lapingvino which one wasn't working / wasn't the same as the provided alternative?

@kittybecca QmRR74wYz2dz4qJtSa19hL8PdHYCPDCgf84KK5Qc3u6pJx (ESPDIC) afaik, a quick test tells as much. The other one loads no problem

@lapingvino weird. a diff isn't turning anything up between the one on ipfs vs. the one on my site.

@lapingvino and in fact the espdic.txt on my site resolves to the same hash code for me. did you open it in a text editor that might've changed the formatting for things like line breaks?

@lapingvino oh, the second hash code there is for the proverbaro.

but, the proverbaro on my site seems to differ from the one on IPFS by a single line break, which i can fix.

@kittybecca they both loaded now, I pinned them both on my VPS for further redundancy.

@kittybecca [joop@vmi155945 ~]$ ipfs add -w espdic.txt
added QmUBBsT4SRp3EoTRQ2ZRqBoSURMFDPpvRimx662E5h6jg7 espdic.txt
added QmXuDtqK2Pa8yPZzDrvQSv1kSfxhNPcus1tj5YAYUcVSot

Putting it into a directory also doesn't get the correct hash

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