Maybe check which firefox version you are now running and which should be the latest one? I suppose your Fedora is not a rolling release, right?

@lapingvino It runs exactly, what is installed ;-)

Maybe the message got triggered by something else. The message is unhelpfully friendly — I suspected that some other component of Firefox updated itself.

@xeno you said you changed some local file... which was that? that might have triggered it, if it's in a watch list for auto restart at upgrade.

@lapingvino No, I viewed a local file, through a file:// URL — and that got stuck and than after a moment the message appeared. It did not appear for http URLs.

@xeno ah that's funky... I suspect that might just be a bug with local file handling...

@lapingvino Probably. :) — Software is just so complex usually, and Firefox is certainly no exception; so I was wondering if there is something that can update itselfs. These browser do so many non-obvious things…

@xeno yes there actually is, but it should normally only trigger on Windows I think? but then it's crazy hard to turn off...

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