My latest trip made me realize that I am more trans that I thought I was. I updated my profile to pangender. Please use any pronounce you are happy about using with me. I am perfectly happy with the genders people assign to me and I am perfectly happy with my body, there is no mismatch at play.

@mew sorry, just have to say to you how cool your Temmie userpic is. can't help.

Free Software is dead, long live the Software that Sets us Free.

My Name is Context, my Religion is Pure Love for Yourself, others and God, and my World is the Multi-Faceted Truth

Cool comic by Ryan Estrada, one of my favorite comic artists, about the complexity of gender identity, identity in general and diversity.

If you are on ssb , you can use my invite to join my pub server:

Add me on scuttlebutt: @J9aGq11DkeVCUE5URMW328HwSMfadftawge3hk8RSV4=.ed25519

Tired: Cyberpunk
Wired: Cyberrap

<<Oct 12, 2018, 09:56am
How An Amateur Rap Crew Stole Surveillance Tech That Tracks Almost Every American >>

@Vanege Kopio de mia mesaĝo al via misskey-konto por ke vi povu facile retrovi. Mi fakte mem ŝatus havi Go-reton. Mi antaŭe uzis friendica kaj per tio starigis Esperanto-reton... ŝajne ili ĝisdatigadas la subtenon por Mastodon, kaj ĝi mem estas instalebla per PHP, do tio verŝajne eĉ pli simplas ol misskey.

@vanege mi pensas ke estas en ordo ke vi parolu tie esperante... Mi ne vidas viajn mesaĝojn aperi en mia Mastodon tamen... la interparolado ŝajne ne estas perfekta...

/me imagines 20 years later a new generating doing anything and coming across Undertale music, being smug about knowing where it comes from.

Can some of you check and send me a screenshot? I seem to have a cache problem and I want to know if it's just local cache now or Cloudflare cache.

@kittybecca I just looked up the ipfs wikipedia article with @RobinvanderVliet (the one using the relay through port 443 with me in the museum) and found out it's mostly written by you... By the way, one of the ipfs links on your website seems to be dead, and the alternative link doesn't seem to resolve to the same thing so I cannot pin and replace it...

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Bonvenon! Malferme al ĉiaj kaj ĉiuj respektemaj esperantistoj.