"Butterflies can't see their own wings, they don't see how beautiful, unique and special they are.
Some people are also like that
Be yourself - perfect imperfect unique" #StreetArt

@Lotte "Be yourself" and then people hate you.

If the naysayers, the pessimists, the cynical ones, the smelly ones, the annoying ones, the people without any imagination, etc. are as they are they then they are especially not respected by those who write these art texts or retweet or re-toot them.

Illusions, that is what people like.


The more radical view is to see the imperfections and the flaws and wounds and accepting them.
Acceting does not mean relentlessly acting them out on the shoulders of others.

Be yourself does not mean 'trample on other people's boundaries'


@ckeen @Lotte

> Be yourself does not mean 'trample on other people's boundaries'

Well.. sadly that means to be "yourself" for some people. Sociopaths or people who never had the luxury that their own boundaries were ever respected the slightest or people on the autistic spectrum, who never recognized what a social boundary is or people who find it extremly unethical to respect certain boundaries of others, because they are simply plain outright WRONG.

You need to decide: allow or disallow

@fantazo I have been interpreting the quote @Lotte has posted. And yes there will be humans that don't respect boundaries of others. But this is not about them? I refuse to give the bad actors any spotlight in this.

@ckeen @Lotte Ah ok, so suddenly "bad actors" have no right of being themselves?

I'm only criticizing this kind of double standards.

It's only good to be yourself if you fit into society and if not then you are a bad actor who needs to be suppressed.

If people really want to think that way, then please be honest about your ethics.

That's the only thing I have with such "be yourself" lifting up talk/art.

Be honest about your ethics.

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