For me, "social distancing" is a candidate for the worst word of the year because it totally puts the wrong emphasis. The most important thing we actually need to flatten the curve is physical distancing.

Please do not distance socially and do not isolate yourselves or others. Keep socialising remotely, stay in contact, look for and update each other. Especially if times get harder. Thank you.

#corona #socialdistancing


Have you maybe considered the viewpoint that there are other people who don't prefer to use online media and/or who don't find them equal as to being in person with someone else?

Because then you could understand, that "social distancing" is then a well chosen word, as these people feel socially distanced from each other.

@fantazo Hmm ... I shun things like videocalls and much prefer to meet people in person, or failing that, write to them. I don't accept digital media as a substitute.

Yet I also disagree with the tem. It seems to carry some worrisome connotations. "Social distancing" seems to imply the atrophy of social relations, of society itself. The markets would certainly love that, and we can't allow it to happen, especially not in times of crisis. And "physical distancing" is certainly more accurate.

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