@unfa hi Unfa! Do you know any (sidechain) compressor plugin for Ardour, which only compresses when there's signal in the sidechained channel?

Calf's SC Compressor, as it has an inner sidechain, compresses always :)

@Porrjo I think you didn't enable the sidechain input in Calf Sidechain Compressor :)

You need to toggle this button. By default this pug-in will not use the sidechain input.

@Porrjo It's not exactly the same as the `regular` Calf Compressor though - i still has the filtering section that is used (as noted on the toggle button's diagram).

You can use this filtering section to shape the response to different frequencies.

@unfa and yes, I meaned concretly that: as noted on the button, always compresses cause the filter.
I have been looking for a compressor that only compresses when sidechained sounds.
Oh, and thanks for the videos you make and all the help you offer :) <3

@unfa i toggled that button but it seemed to me that still was compressing when any sidechained sound isn't

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